Emergency $10 Sketch Commissions 


Wow hello tumblr, sorry for hardly posting lately;;;

For months now I’ve been saving and doing commissions to pay for a school trip in January to Australia. I’m at my last payment which is due November 1st, but where I stand I only have $1000 out of the $1500 I need (including my…

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Sup Tumblr, if you guys don’t mind helping me out by doing a quick survey (for my bio class) that’d be hella!!

EDIT: Thank you for taking the survey! I got enough date for the female side now :DDD

if you’re a male in your 30s (or know someone that fits this category and wouldn’t mind doing a quick survey), please take (or link them ;3;)  this one!!!

EDIT: for straight males and females

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i ended up watching 6 eps today 

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( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) i got new pens the other day 

and also revisited spero hell 

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you should probably mention that it’s for straight males and females

thank you for the heads up!

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aaamph replied to your photo:harmony


srsly like yo why…

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ZnT what the fuck

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one day

one day

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Some adjusted prices, and up to date examples for my commissions!

I’ve realized I make a lot of updated posts for my commissions so I decided to make a commissions page just for this. Please refer to it if you wish for more information if you are interested!

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